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Robbery hits campus again

Written By: Kenzie Kesselring

A robbery was reported on VSU’s campus between the Student Union and Odum library on Monday night.


According to Cindy Cobb, VSUPD lieutenant, the department has no leads in the case and is unsure if this robbery and other recent ones in the area are related.


The victim was on her way to the library on the path from the Student Union Monday night when she had her purse snatched by a man heading toward Drexel Park.


The female victim reported that the robber was an African-American male wearing army shorts and a brown and beige shirt. The robber was also wearing green, white Jordan’s, had a piercing in his right ear and appeared to have his hand in his pocket, possibly holding a weapon.


“We don’t have enough of a description to say that it’s the same guy,” Cobb said, regarding the possibility that this robber is the same that has committed previous robberies around campus.


Students received a text message and email from VSU on Monday night, informing them that a robbery took place near the University Center instead of near the Student Union.


Garrison Muelhausen, a senior mass media major, expressed his concern over the lack of video cameras on campus.


“My question is, why aren’t there any more cameras over there [at the University Center], and why aren’t there any in the mall way?” Muelhausen said.


The VSUPD has released no other information at the time of publication.






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