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Are catcalls okay?

Written By: Jordan Hill 


There is a difference between an annoying statement and harassment.

Saying, “Hey beautiful,” or, “How are you doing?” is not harassment; it’s a compliment.

By complimenting random women and sometimes being vulgar, we desensitize what true harassment is—aggressive pressure or intimidation.

Yes, it’s awkward and sometimes creepy and yes, men should think of a better way to compliment or hit on a woman, but catcalling is not always sexual harassment.

Of course there are some men who continue to stalk a woman that is not interested and yell vulgar words at passersby. Those are the men who give catcalling a bad reputation. Then there are other men who are innocently complimenting a woman.

A popular video that shows a woman walking around New York City for ten hours has had millions of views. She was “catcalled” by 108 people in 10 hours. The video did not show the men she walked by that said nothing to her.

While being “catcalled” nearly 10 times an hour is a lot, many of the men were not harassing the woman in any way. The men said things such as, “Wassup,” or, “You’re beautiful!”

We will always be annoyed by the opposite sex but before we criticize an entire gender for their words and manners, we need to realize that not all men are the same and not all catcalls are created equally.


Written By: Kenzie Kesselring


Cat calling is another way men have been sexualizing women without their consent for ages. It is a degrading act that empowers men and takes even more power away from women.

A video that has gained a lot of online buzz features a good-looking woman simply walking down the streets of New York City wearing jeans and a crew neck T-shirt.

During the 10 hours, the woman discreetly documented herself walking. She gets cat called over 100 times. Men of all ages and races are trying to talk to her and yelling phrases at her when it is clear that she is doing nothing but walking from one destination to another.

If a man sees a woman he finds attractive there is no need for him to raise his voice in a crowd so she can notice him. Men need to realize that if they see a woman who they find attractive and want to talk to her, they should respectfully and politely approach her at an appropriate time and place.

They should not walk past her on the street and say, “Hey baby, how are you?” It is rude, clearly unwanted and it is harassment.

Women should not have to walk down the street with the possibility of having sexually explicit things yelled at them for absolutely no reason. Men who think catcalling is nothing but harmless banter need to take a step back and think before they act.

When a man catcalls a women it is because he is thinking about far more than the fabulous blouse she is wearing; he is thinking about what is under that blouse.

Women deserve just as much respect as men. Cat calling women is barbaric and an act that needs to end.

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