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Anonymous document proposes no-confidence vote on VSU president and provost at Feb. 19 faculty senate meeting

By John Stephen

Update: Posted Feb. 19 at 6 p.m.

The faculty senate did not perform a no-confidence vote at its Feb. 19 meeting. Members discussed this issue near the end of the meeting, but ultimately the matter was tabled.

More updates to come soon.


An anonymous document allegedly sent by numerous VSU professors to faculty senate members led to an emergency meeting by the senate’s executive committee ahead of today’s faculty senate meeting.

The unsigned document, which says it was created by 15 professors from all the campus colleges, calls for a vote of no confidence on VSU President William McKinney and Provost Hudson Rogers at today’s senate meeting, taking place at 3:30 p.m. in the University Center’s Magnolia Room.

Michael Noll, faculty senate president, said that he met with the rest of the senate’s executive committee to discuss the document on the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 18.

According to Noll, although the senate as a whole may at some point decide whether to take a no-confidence vote or not, the executive committee is unanimously against such a vote and would like to delay it for the sake of taking time to examine and deliberate on the issues spotlighted in the anonymous document.

The anonymous document lists several bullet points accusing McKinney, Rogers and Dr. Kimberly Luse, VSU chief-of-staff, of poor leadership.

The first among many issues raised in the document is the alleged termination of Thressea Boyd, VSU communications director.

The document alleges that Boyd was fired last week by McKinney and Luse due to a restructuring of VSU’s communication unit, which, according to the document, is a violation of Board of Regents policy.

This information on Boyd’s alleged termination has not yet been independently confirmed.

According to Noll, the document contains inaccuracies, which is one reason why this issue should be broached carefully.

“We cannot operate based on anger and half-truths,” Noll said.

A vote of no confidence essentially means a group of people has lost its trust in a leader’s ability to effectively carry out his or her duties. Although such a vote doesn’t carry any direct power in and of itself, it can prod officials to eventually take action.

More updates on this story to come soon.

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  1. The circulated faculty document reads regarding Thressea Boyd, in part, “She was called into the office of Dr. William McKinney’s Chief of Staff, Kimberly Luse, and told Luse and McKinney were restructuring the communication unit so Thressea was no longer needed at the university. She was given a few minutes to decide whether she would resign or be fired. She asked for time to go home and speak to her husband. Luse told her no, if you leave this office without making a decision you are fired. She chose to be fired.”

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