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Editorial: It’s hard out here for a journalist

We’ve all seen the recent video of the journalist and cameraman from Virginia who were shot and killed during a live recording. Although the crime was committed by a former employee, this is not the first time within the past couple years that a journalist has lost his or her life.

Some of the more recent and well-known events date back to the beheading of the two journalists by ISIS on camera last year.

As journalists, our job is to keep the world updated on major events in the world from politics, to crime, to any and everything that occurs. Whether it is only to inform the people or to keep the people safe, everything that journalists do has some sort of impact.

It has been more difficult than ever before to obtain and even keep a job in print journalism. We have strong enough passion to still do our jobs, despite the fact that we have to adjust and reinvent the profession to accommodate to the times. We have strong enough passion to put our lives on the line to do our jobs. However, is this passion appreciated?

How can we do our jobs if we’re continuously being killed off? How can we continue to keep the world informed if we’re being silenced? How can we continue to report from overseas if we’re being imprisoned, held hostage, or beheaded? The answers to these questions may not be obvious, but one thing is for sure; we will continue.


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