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Palms dining hall undergoes some changes

Photo Illustration by Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Erin Martin, Staff Writer

Palm’s Dining Hall has gone through some renovations over the summer that students may or may not have noticed.

The university has added a stir fry grill closer to the back, similar to the one in Hopper Dining Hall. Students can now enjoy the same custom ordered stir fry along with the other selections that Palms offers including their deli, salad bar, and grilled foods.

The stainless steel faces are now covered with a hardwood paneling that give the dining hall a more polished look. Their walls were also given a fresh coat of paint.

Another new addition to the dining hall is the “Taste Not Waste” mural on the wall, surrounding the dish breakdown station near the back. The “Taste Not Waste” motto is encouraging students to be mindful of how much food they are not consuming because it contributes to methane emissions.

It highlights facts about Global Food Waste, like the average person wastes 20 pounds of food per month.

“I eat the stir fry in Palms and it’s really good. I noticed a few changes in there, but nothing too major.” Said Biology major, Demarcus Green.

In the future, Palms Dining Hall is also expected to make some more changes to its aesthetics.

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