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RetroSpec: A forgotten action hero gets remembered

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Jordan Barela, Editor-in-Chief

Some would argue that gaming reached its best level at the popularity of the PlayStation One.  Atop the pixelated throne sat gaming juggernauts Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil, to name a few. Action heroes Lara Croft, Solid Snake and a loveable purple dragon by the name of Spyro, were some of the most well-known characters to go on an adventure or dive head first into the action.

There is one action hero that few remember. His game is Gabe Logan.

Logan lived his glory days on the first three installments of the “Syphon Filter” series.

In the series, you play the majority of each game controlling Logan, an agent trying to spread the deadly man made virus of Syphon Filter from becoming a global plague.  This action packed plot, straight out of a modern day blockbuster, stretches across all three glorious PlayStation titles.

To relive the nostalgia, I popped in the PlayStation One disk, started a new game, and was briefed on Logan’s first mission.

The first mission takes place in Washington D.C., and you have to aide Logan in stopping a viral bomb hidden in the subway.

When you start the mission, you are armed with a silenced 9mm and sniper rifle, Taser and flashlight. Over the course of the level, you get to acquire more weapons, and you discover what makes this game a hidden gem.

In the mission, and a majority of the other levels, you have a number of different objectives that you have to complete before the main mission objective. The first mission objective that I decided to work on was to take on a main communication system. In classic gaming tradition, when you try to complete something, danger is always lurking. After playing through the mission, and finally finishing the final objective of the mission, the whole subway explodes. Classic gaming probs.

After playing through the first couple of levels, I remembered why I loved this game so much as a kid. The game makes you feel that you are actually Gabe Logan, fighting to stop a viral outbreak.

Ravaging through destroyed subways, sneaking into enemy strongholds, and silently taking out enemies is what action games are all about.



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