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To Lecture or not to lecture?: Professors debate on whether or not to keep lecture classes

Photo taken by Kristin Whitman/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Tresia Bowles, Staff Writer

The dreaded lecture classes; I think every college student can attest to how awful they truly are. You sit in class for 50 minutes…an hour and 15 minutes…maybe even longer, just to listen to your professor point at a PowerPoint and talk, and talk, and talk. You force yourself to pay attention so that you can retain information you usually don’t care about, you fall asleep, or you sit looking at your phone uninterested. I have done all of the above. Regardless, nobody likes listening to boring lectures, and a professor in North Carolina debated the importance of having lecture classes.

Molly Worthen from the University of North Carolina believes that lecture classes are dying but argues that they are necessary for students, she quotes “Lectures are essential for teaching humanities’ most basic skills: comprehension and reasoning, skills whose value extends beyond the classroom to the essential demands of working life and citizenship”. In her New York Times article, “Lecture Me. Really”, she argues behind Eric Mazur, a Harvard physicist, who says, “It’s almost unethical to be lecturing.” Worthen had to fight to get a wooden lectern to teach her American History class.

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