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New Multicultural Sorority finds a home at VSU

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Written by Tiarra Bell, Staff Writer

Women at Valdosta State University have greater opportunities to join Greek Life with a new, multicultural sorority, Sigma Lambda Gamma. SLG National Sorority, Incorporated is historically a Latina based sorority with multicultural memberships.

The new diverse sorority was originated April 9, 1990, at the University of Iowa by five founding mothers on the principles of academics, cultural awareness, community service, morals and ethics, and social interaction.

Before becoming Sigma Lambda Gamma, they were an organization called Women of Diversity.

SLG is the founding line at VSU and has been on VSU’s campus since Oct. 31, 2015.

The process began when a group of students proposed the addition of a multicultural colony at VSU. The students got in touch with other sisters, graduate and current students at VSU, and faculty who devoted their time to get the colony accepted, which was approved in late April. There was also a petition signed by College Panhellenic Council to help the process.

With being relatively new, SLG’s main focus this year is based on the five principles.

“We want to maintain academics, keep our grades up,” said sophomore Molly Berland, who is of an Irish, Norwegian, Welsh, and Native American background.

“We want to give back, support the community. We want to spread diversity by educating about different cultures,” Berland said. “We want to show love and support for our fellow Greeks and other organizations with social interaction. Lastly, we want to maintain a professional image with morals and ethics. We want to make a large impact on this campus.”

However, by being a new sorority on campus, SLG faced challenges along the way including the initial start of a colony. There was also a great deal of opposition to the idea of a multicultural sorority.

The shocking pink and majestic purple Gamma’s motto is “Culture is Pride, Pride is Success” with the purple panther as the sororities mascot.

Junior Alisha Raynor, a sociology major and Spanish minor, crossed in fall of this year because she felt SLG fits her. “I love what it stands for,” Raynor said. “I wanted to be a part of an organization that is working to improve the world.”

The overall mission of SLG is to have a powerful impact on the community and to make the world a more comfortable place for people of all backgrounds which fits VSU’s student mission to “provide a diverse student population with an inspired education, a safe learning environment, a nurturing community, and a wealth of experience that assists students in molding their future.”

Raynor added it’s important to have this type of sorority at VSU so the university can become more culturally aware and less segregated.

The sorority puts emphasis on the empowerment of all women by coming together from different backgrounds to be united as a whole. This includes the building of a woman’s confidence, setting high standards for women to hold, and to support each other.

What sets Sigma Lambda Gamma apart from other Greek organizations is the fact when referring to Greek organizations, “a multicultural fraternity or sorority doesn’t come to mind. But we will hopefully change that in the future”, Berland said.

Sigma Lambda Gamma is the first multicultural sorority to find a home at Valdosta State University.

There will be upcoming events in the spring for all women who are interested in Sigma Lambda Gamma.

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