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Q&A with 2016-2017 SGA Candidates

*EDITOR’S NOTE: This post will be updated after dealing with technical difficulties with audio interviews.

Belinda Bell, The Grand Ticket, President

Belinda-Bell Belinda Bell, The Grand Ticket, President

  1. What made you want to run for SGA?

I made the decision to run for this position because over the last year I have come to love this University and would be honored to have the opportunity to address and resolve student concerns. I believe in order to make VSU a university for the future, we must all work together. In order to bring that unification, we need a strong leader that will lead by getting involved with the students and administration. I know I have the ability to do just that. I want to help Valdosta grow and flourish.

2. What are your plans for SGA?

If elected as the 2016-2017 SGA President, I will work on parking issues by working with administration to push back ticketing times in order to alleviate the burden of ticketing for students and improve the safety; I will innovate the dining experience on campus by introducing more nutritious restaurants to the student union and around campus; I will introduce new learning iniatives for the student through e-learning tutoring and the development of a scholarship program given out by the SGA.

3. If elected, what is one thing you want to change through SGA?

As SGA president, I want to change the fact that the students’ voices are not heard. I will lead as transparent president by making sure the students are completely informed about every item of business being taken place through SGA. I will focus on realistic goals that the student government can make a change in, and make sure to work with the students and administration to affectively make the changes happen.

4. What would you say to the students who are about to vote in the SGA elections?

Valdosta State University students I believe we can make a difference in our wonderful university. I will make sure your voices are heard, and your concerns are fixed. I will fight for you. If you are ready for new faces and a new perspective to take over your Student Government Association remember to Vote The Grand Ticket this Thursday and Friday!

Maya Mapp, Momentum, President

Maya-Individual Maya Mapp, Momentum, President

  1. What made you want to run for SGA?

When I came to Valdosta State University my freshmen year I wanted to get involved. The Student Government Association provided a way for me to communicate not only my ideas, but every students ideas as well. I have been able to serve the student body under two administrations, and from that experience I’ve learned a tremendous amount of leadership skills, time management skills, and  about the inter-workings of SGA.

2. What are your plans for SGA?

Re-establishing an open gateway of communication between faculty/administration, and the student body. After doing so, I really would to take on a new approach on how we brand our Student Government Association organization. 

3.  If elected, what is one thing you want to change through SGA?

I want to change how the student body views SGA. Most students don’t know, or understand the purpose of our organization, and in my opinion that is dis-heartening. I believe, that if I’m elected that I, with the help and support of my ticket, can connect with the student body and reshape the image and reputation of the Student Government Association.

4.  What would you say to the students who are about to vote in the SGA elections?

I want you to make a well-informed decision, and I would like for you to vote based on experience, and what’s best for our University.


Cassidy Phillips, The Grand Ticket, Vice President


“I see some of the things that sometimes people in student government just caught up in sometimes and I think I am able to see a new fresh perspective of a way to look at things.”









Othellious Cato, Vice President


“It is extremely important that when students begin to make this decision and begin their voting process on Thursday and Friday, that they know as far as a vice president and a president, we need to make sure we choose candidates who are ready to [do] this job from day one.”








 Jasmine Jackson, Momentum, Secretary

Jasmine-Individual“My plan for SGA is to definitely rebuild the senate because without their voices, the whole entire student body is definitely not being represented.”









Samuel Stalvey, The Grand Ticket, Comptroller


1. What made you want to run for SGA?

My ticket and I have not been satisfied with the current executive board. We see some changes that we would like to make, and we each have different areas of expertise that we will use to make these changes. When we are elected to the executive board we will get the student body more involved and work towards being the most transparent Student Government that Valdosta State has ever seen.

2. What are your plans for SGA?

My ticket plans to run on 3 platform principles: Parking, Health and Wellness, and E Learning. I won’t go too in depth about them, but basically we want to improve parking by moving back ticketing times, thereby allowing students to park closer to their dorms and avoid a long dangerous walk at night. This will also improve safety. On Health and Wellness, the university’s contract with Chartwells dining is up after this year. We’d like to work with the administration and staff to bring healthier options to campus. On E-Learning, we want to implement a software called “Gradeslam” that will provide 24/7 online tutoring for students who don’t live on campus or those up late studying.

3. What is one thing you want to change through SGA?

One thing I’d like to change about my position is the transparency. I’d like to make it much easier for a student to find the SGA budget or allocations, or possibly get it sent out to the students at the beginning of the year. Every student should know exactly how their student fees are getting spent.

4. What would you say to students who are about to vote in the SGA elections? Students, make sure you’re at the debate Wednesday, and make sure you get as informed as possible about each candidate and their policies. When voting Thursday and Friday, make sure to choose the most qualified candidate. Most importantly, Get out and Vote!


Erin Shaw, Momentum, Comptroller


      1. What made you want to run for SGA?
      This past year serving as an SGA senator, I was inspired by how much power SGA can have if it operates efficiently. Being the voice of the student body is truly an honor and a privilege. I wanted to be apart of the leadership to take SGA to a different level. Rebuilding SGA and bringing back the transparency and pride that the student body craves.

2. What are your plans for SGA?

If elected as comptroller, I want to build a stronger bridge between student organizations on campus and the student government association. Giving the student body the proper knowledge of how their student fees can work for them. I have an idea to create a forum with organization leaders to teach them how to fill out co-sponsorship forms or student activity fee applications. Truly being engaged with the student body and demonstrating how important student organizations are on campus.

3. If elected, what is one thing you want to change through SGA?
I would want to change how the student body perceives SGA. Making them feel comfortable with our leadership and work ethic. Ensuring the student body that SGA is working for them and being their voice.

4. What would you say to the students who are about to vote in the SGA elections?
SGA needs leaders that have been dedicated senators and students. You need to vote for candidates that have served as your voice and have plans to rebuild. And bring back the spirit of excellence. That is the type of leadership that SGA needs in order to move forward.








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