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Greek Week’s canned food drive ‘Canstruction’ raises more than a thousand cans

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Jordan Barela, Editor-in-Chief

Canned food is not just for eating anymore.

As part of the annual Greek Week, sororities and fraternities competed in an event called “Canstruction.”

The event was held on the Pedestrian Mall, in front of Odum Library last Wednesday. During the event, Greeks utilized cans to create structures. There were a total of six teams. Each team represented a particular country. As part of the theme, countries represented were Egypt, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Australia and Jamaica.  The volunteers and hosts for each event represented the United States. Each team was given three hours to complete the building of their structures.

“We decided to have the theme of Greek Week as countries this year so that our Greek students could learn about other cultures and showcase them on campus,” Connor Hughson, Interfraternity Council graduate assistant, said.

After the event, the canned food was donated to Second Harvest. Over 1,000 cans were donated.

“The primary goal of most of the organizations is to give back to the community,” Hughson said. ‘Canstruction’ was a great opportunity during the week for our Greeks to help others while fostering awareness on the VSU campus of all the positive work they do.”

Held in the spring, Greek Week is not only an annual celebration of Greek Life, but also a competition. Each fraternity and sorority from the College Panhellenic Council, National PanHellenic Council, and the Interfraternity Council competed in this year’s Greek Week. Each individual Greek organization also has a large community service project, according to Hughson.

Along with “Canstruction,” other events included chariot races, softball, canoe battleship, and trivia, among others. According to Hughson, the events somewhat change each year.

“Greek Week is an opportunity for the Greeks on campus to celebrate all the positive things about being Greek,” Hughson said. “It fosters pride not only within the individual organizations but among the community as a whole.”



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