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Chipotle’s comeback year

Written by Shanice Barnes, Staff Writer

Last year was an extremely unforgettable year for the Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant food chain, and not in a good way. I’m sure many of you heard of the E. Coli outbreak that occurred in late 2015, which caused their sales to plummet in 2016.

Chipotle was once one of the top selling fast food corporations, before the E. Coli outbreak. The classy atmosphere really set the restaurant a part from other fast food chains, and once people discovered that the food was just as great as the atmosphere they were hooked. They offered fresh never processed ingredients, which was perfect for people trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

You may remember the popular quote on social media “chipotle is my life.” Chipotle was really a lifestyle choice, and part of people’s everyday lives; although many people still eat at Chipotle despite the outbreak, their sales are nowhere close to where they once were.

Despite the bad year they had, they hope to make 2017 they’re comeback year.

They plan on launching a huge ad campaign in April to capture the consumer’s attention.

Another strategy they’re hoping will catch consumer’s attention, is their mobile ordering app. The mobile ordering option is perfect for people who just want to catch a quick bite to eat during their lunch break, and don’t have time to wait in those ridiculously long lines.

Though Chipotle is trying their best to please their consumer’s, they plan on increasing prices to help with their sales. People may not be receptive to this strategy, and may find a

cheaper equivalent. Although this strategy could potentially hurt their consumer rate, they have to do all they can in order to recover from their low sales last year.

Is it too late for Chipotle to recover, or will 2017 be the year for their comeback?

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