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SGA shows that they're ready for business.

SGA adds familiar face to its ranks

Student Government Association called to order their second public meeting of the school year, and its main order of business was to elect a new Chief of Staff.

Last year, SGA had no acting Chief of Staff; however, as of Monday, SGA welcomed senior biology major Adam Slaton.

Slaton started out as a senator his sophomore year and became the vice president his junior year, writing most of the bylaws, as well as the new constitution for SGA.

“It wasn’t my intention to become Chief of Staff, but Maya Mapp did nominate me,” Slaton said. “I was really grateful of that.”

Slaton said that he is a true believer in working hard and being responsible because good things will come if you help.

“The values that I think the Chief of Staff needs to have are the ones that I hold true,” Slaton said.

Slaton’s position as new Chief of Staff would be to assist Mapp by attending meetings, help resolving any conflicts and being assigned to any committees.

“I don’t think a lot of people realize the breath of the SGA president’s job,” said Slaton. “She has to be 10 places at once all at one time, so she really needs someone she can trust to speak on her behalf.”

Mapp explained Slaton’s position to the gallery and the senate before voting commenced.

Mapp said that VSU will host the Student Advisory Council conference possibly on Oct. 5 and 6. The conference will be held to address the important issues of students and will have various Georgia SGA presidents in attendance.

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students, Daryl Lowe, was also in attendance. He addressed the revision of the student code of conduct and the new regulation for guns allowed on campus.

“We have revised the student code of conduct, so tomorrow you will get an official email from me that will outline the major highlights,” Lowe said. “We are going to be taking a stronger stance on the educational portion of alcohol and drugs underage.”

While in attendance, Lowe also addressed House Bill 280 that allows guns on campus.

Lowe said he is extremely excited to work with the students.

“I am here for you,” Lowe said. “Any student related concern you are having, please come and see me.”

As always, SGA is collaborating with campus organizations and students. Comptroller Matthew Rowe said SGA has three separate accounts for their events and trips as well as student organization events.

“The foundation account is our personal account with $941.98, student activity fees with $18,948 and the Blazer allocation account with $30, 000,” Rowe said.

Rowe said that the Blazer Allocation link is being emailed out next week and will lead to a form that students will need to fill out.

Vice President Vincent Miller gave SGA this money to fund student organizations and give them the ability to host events, go to conferences and achieve progress.


Story and photo by Taylor Sutherland, Staff Writer.

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