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Student view of the Student Union

Students have had enough with the long lines, overpriced foods and lack of dining options in the Student Union. With the changes dining has made over the course of a year, students are still adjusting to the changes we never asked for.

As a junior mass media major, I’ve  seen some of VSU’s student favorites come and go. I remember when Hopper Dining Hall was a buffet and offered the complete opposite from Palms. Also, Langdale Market actually stayed open long enough for you to get that late-night snack.  VSU Dining is supposed to meet certain standards; however, it seems there is more to complain about than to celebrate.

In the Student Union, there are four main choices. We have the overpriced Moe’s, slow moving Which Wich, “We ran out” Starbucks, and a Chick-fil-A you’re tired of eating by week four. It is assumed students will eat whatever is given to them, but when did convenience become more important than quality?

On a college campus, placement of dining options is everything. If the best food options on campus are too far away, only certain students will be able to eat there in between classes. The union is the main attraction for campus life, but for some reason it lacks main attraction dining options.

Students like Junior Ashunti Gore voiced his opinion about the VSU Dining experience along with many others.

“I want healthy food options and a variety I can choose from,” said Gore. “It would be nice to have a Hibachi station or the fruit stations back.”

If dining options do not change to accommodate the students, the least they could do is improve the experience. When I come to the Union in between classes, I normally try to Tap-n-Go my order so I’m not late to my next class or meeting.

Student Aleshia Barron felt the dining options in the Union were limited, take too long and have terrible customer service.

“If you’re going to have Tap-n-Go, have Tap-n-Go,” Barron said. “Don’t make it Tap-n-Wait.”

With a 15-minute time frame to get from the Media Building to the second floor of Nevins, I should be able to pick up a quick bite and keep it moving. You can only use the “My food took a long time” so many times for classes and in all honesty, I should not have to choose between being late to class or grabbing food.

As a campus, improvements are fine, but the improvements should actually benefit the students.

Story and photo by Taylor Sutherland, Staff Writer.

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