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Tips to prevent car break-ins

Reports have been coming in to the VSU police department about break-ins to cars on campus. According to their crime rate statistics, on-campus burglaries occurred 51 times per year.

According to the on-campus burglary rates, that number has risen over the years. Luckily, precautions can be put into place to discourage burglars from future break-ins.

Place all valuables in the trunk space or out of sight. Even if you think it will be fine to leave your headphones on the seat while you run in the store, it may attract unwanted attention and put your vehicle at risk.

Advertise that your car has an alarm system by placing a sticker on the windshield. Usually a loud alarm sound will scare off any burglars. Having it already advertised may prevent them from damaging your car in the first place.

Do not leave your backpack or textbooks on display in your vehicle. For college students on a budget, expensive textbooks are valuable. The trunk or a hatch is the best spot to place those items.

If you prefer to leave your wallet and money in your car before heading to class, try placing them in a compartment. It is still advisable to keep those personals with you at all times, but a compartment will at least keep it out of sight.

Do not park in unattended or unfamiliar areas. Park where it is well lit. It’s even better if there are cameras or security patrol around too.

Download the Companion app, which allows you to stay safe and connected with an on-demand personal security system. Then, you can add friends and family, and if you feel nervous at all, alert them so they can assist you. There is also an easy access 911 emergency button set in place.

With these guidelines, your car should be safer from future attempts of burglary. If you find your car broken into on campus, do not hesitate to report it to VSU police department. They are here to help and crack down on law breakers that affect our campus.

Story by Jade Manning, Staff Writer and Alex Dunn, Campus Life editor.

Photo courtesy of HamelHub.

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