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Midterm grades can impact withdrawals

According to the VSU website, professors must report in progress grades for all 1000 and 2000 level courses in the banner application. This is typically required to be put in by faculty one week before midterms. In 3000 and 4000 upper level courses, professors are not required to report in-progress grades on banner. This can leave students in upper level courses unsure of their standing at midterms if professor’s do not post them.

The last day to withdraw from classes without receiving a withdraw fail is Oct. 12. This allows students who have five withdraws left to withdraw from a class without receiving an F for the course. Students may base the decision to withdraw from a course based on their in-progress grades.

“Knowing my midterm grade is important to me,” Abigail Pack, a sophomore psychology major, said. “If I’m failing at midterms I can decide if I can pull the grade up or not.”

Not all professors post in-progress grades on banner. However, it is still possible to discuss with them the status of your grade in their office hours. From there a student can decide if they should use one of their five drops before the deadline on Oct. 12.

Story by Veronica You, Special Projects Manager. Photo courtesy of insidehighered.com

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