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Pop Addict: Celebrity Halloween edition

Hello to all of my guys, girls and pop addicts at VSU. I’m serving up a fresh, special batch of Halloween black spooky tea. So let’s get into it.

photo courtesy of celebmafia.com


Kim Kardashian stepped OUT for Halloween. She produced four looks for the spooky holiday, and I truly enjoyed every one. She dressed up as one of my favorite artists (Aaliyah) and did her justice. Even though most people thought that she shouldn’t have done it because of her race, but, I mean, in all honesty, why did race matter? Kim didn’t do blackface, nor did she make the look too vulgar, so why all of the outrage?

photo courtesy of Kim Kardashian on Instagram

ANYWAY, Kim and her best friend Jonathan Cheban, paid homage to Cher and Chaz Bono as one of their looks.

photo courtesy of Perezhilton.com

There was a clash of the costumes when it came to Demi Lovato and Kim. The stars both decided to dress as Selena Quintanilla-Perez for Halloween, and I asked myself “Why?” and then I asked myself “Who did it better?”

photo courtesy of Getty

Although the media didn’t give her look any coverage, Heidi Klum did the King of Pop some justice. For those who don’t know, this look is one of the first “scary” looks from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” visual.  The realistic whiskers and skin really shook me to my core. It’s ICONIC.

photo courtesy of Lady Gaga on Instagram

One of my favorite artists, my heart, my queen, a legend, the fashion icon, the one and only LADY GAGA. For Halloween this year, Lady Gaga showed us yet again how creative and genius of a woman she is! For Halloween this year, Lady Gaga stepped out on the spooky streets dressed up as Edward Scissorhands. It was EVERYTHING. To use her own words it was, “Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a, blender, eat it, ART!” A very artistic moment indeed Mother Monster!

Not only did Celebrity women show up, and show out, but some of the men did too.

Courtesy of LeBron James Instagram

Lebron James went as Pennywise the clown from the blockbuster film “IT” this year. One of the most interesting things about his costume is the fact that it’s very realistic and accurate. Honestly, if I were to bump into him on the street I would be afraid of a 250 lbs, 6’8” Pennywise. SHOOK.

A slew of other male celebrities threw on a wig, and wore a leather jacket for a Halloween look. There’s no need for a picture, just imagine that for yourself.

Well that was all of the black tea that I brewed for today! I hope that everyone had a spooky Halloween! Remember to check back here next week to get your teacup filled with more tea!

Written by Jacorey Moon, Assistant Entertainment Editor.

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