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CORE goes to the Grand Canyon

How are your spending your spring break? Near the beach soaking up all the sunlight? That is a typical spring break for most people, but VSU’s Center for Outdoor Recreation Events (CORE) has a different plan in mind. It involves going deep into the Earth.

CORE will be taking a group of students to the Grand Canyon for spring break. This trip has taken place the last couple of years.

“They continued to do the trip because the spots fill every time, and it has a waiting list,” said Luke Ellison, who helped organize the trip for CORE.

The bus will leave on Friday, March 9. They will return Sunday, March 18.

It will take three days to drive there with stops in Mississippi, Texas and finally arrive in Arizona.

“The drive out there will be an experience within itself,” Luke said.

Once the CORE group arrives in Arizona, they will take the eight-hour hike into the canyon and set up camp. The entire trip will take place outside.

“Staying outside for a week will be a very different experience for some,” Luke said.

After setting up camp, the next day will consist of relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. For the remainder of the time, the group will continue to hike through the Grand Canyon. Once Thursday comes, they will hike back out and prepare to leave.

Registration was over on Jan. 1, and it is too late to sign up for this year’s trip.

CORE will be taking this trip next year, so if you are interested, contact the CORE staff at the office in the recreation center.

Written by Tamera Sanders, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Valdosta State University.

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