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The Access Office is located in Patterson Hall on main campus.

VSU accommodates students with disabilities

Every student, with or without disabilities, should have the opportunity to succeed in life. The Access Office at VSU is dedicated to making those with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else on campus.

The purpose of the Access Office is to create an accessible, inclusive and sustainable learning environment, where disability is recognized as an aspect of diversity that is necessary to the campus community and to society.

Their primary objective is to provide equal access to campus programs and activities for all students while upholding academic standards.

Much of the process is online through web forms in order to make the process simple and effortless. However, the Access Office is always happy to meet face-to-face for a meeting.

It is recommended that students contact the Access Office as soon as possible in their academic career.

If you are a student with a documented disability, you can submit any documentation you have and think is appropriate to support your requested accommodations. Helpful information may include medical records, psychoeducational testing and school records such as IEPs or 504 plans. In most cases, it will only take a few business days (five maximum) to review and respond via phone or email based on the student’s preference.

There are some situations when a student finds that they are experiencing barriers and suspects that this may be because of a disability that has not previously been identified. Perhaps a student will have a recommendation from a faculty or staff member to explore whether or not there is any support that can be provided by the Access Office. Whatever the reason, the office would be happy to discuss your concerns and recommend resources that might be helpful to you.

Lastly, here are a few ways VSU accommodates students with disabilities:

* Parking: Accessible parking is available on the east side of the library as well as south of the library near Pine Hall (formerly Plant Operations).

* Odum: There are two accessible entrances to Odum Library.

* Elevator: Wheelchair-accessible elevators are located in most buildings.

* Restrooms: All public restrooms are accessible.

There are also accommodations for dining and housing. If you are a VSU or South Georgia State College Entry Program student with a documented disability who requires housing/dining accommodations to secure access, you must contact the Access Office for students with disabilities as soon as possible (two months prior to occupancy is recommended). Students must complete the Request for Housing/Dining Accommodation form and provide supporting documentation.

Story and photo by Savannah Oliver, assistant campus life editor.

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