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That’s sew fashion: Get ready for fall fashion

Attention! Calling all Fashion junkies to the stage!

Fashion has always been my pain reliever. You can tell how I’m feeling just by looking at my outfit. It usually takes me an hour to pick out an outfit for the day, two hours at the most. Now before we get into it, I just want to be clear. Everyone’s fashion is different. I’m not trying to alter your everyday style in any way. I want to be able to give you guys tips, fashion galore and keep you updated on what’s hot and what’s not. So, let’s get started.

The season has changed and so has fashion. Fall is here, and we can finally bring back cozy sweaters and knee-high boots. But what is everyone wearing this fall? Will we see the new fashion trend, fanny packs, across the chest continue? Or will everyone stick to the same ole baggy oversized sweaters?

VSU Sophomore Student, LaReyna Tory, said that she’s going to stick with the usual color palette this fall.

“In the fall, I like to wear darker colors like burgundy and olive green,” she said

During the fall my go to colors are burnt orange and white. They are easy to match and can be paired with anything. Although colors in the fall are dark and subtler, too much of it can be overbearing. So, don’t wear a bunch of burnt orange because you might look like a pumpkin. Who’s trying to look like a pumpkin out here? I know I’m not.

Although there are the usual fall colors, don’t be afraid to rock a pop of color like blue or bright yellow. Adding that surprise element will enhance your outfit and take it to the next level. No one will see it coming.

Now let’s talk boots because they’re definitely my favorite thing to wear during the colder seasons. High thigh boots are popular and easy to pair with just about anything. You can wear them with skirts, pants and even dresses, but let’s not forget about low-cut boots. They pair well with any type of jean but are shown better with skinny jeans.

Sophomore Student destiny Lewis likes to pair her low-cut boots with a windbreaker.

“Even though it’s a colder climate, we still live in Georgia, so it’s better to balance clothing wise, so you won’t be too hot.” Lewis said.

Get ready to start seeing a lot of coats. Long coats, leather jackets and more jean jackets are coming out of everyone’s closet. Personally, I love putting on a basic outfit and then throwing on a show stopper jacket to pull it all together.

Senior Student and Art Major, Tony Coates, likes to wear blazers for a dressier look.

“I pair blazers with designer belts most the time,” he said. “Since it tends to be hot in Valdosta even during the fall, I also like to wear light clothes like tees and jeans.”

There are so many clothing combinations to try this fall. Remember whatever you choose to wear, put your own style into it. Yes, there are essentials when you look at fall fashion as a whole, but putting your own spin on it makes the look more original.

Written by Lenah Allen, Staff Writer.

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