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Justice ranks fourth all time in points scored for a career in VSU history.

Unforgettable: Justice caps off Blazers’ career

Beau knows basketball.

As his senior year comes to a close, he begins preparations for a new life away from VSU.

A native of Peebles, Ohio, Justice graduated in three years, and decided to take a higher education Masters program in order to complete his eligibility as a student athlete. Justice made his mark his senior season, cementing himself as one of the greatest basketball players in VSU history.

After transferring from West Liberty University in West Virginia in 2016, Justice capped off a VSU career with accolades that ranks him fourth all time in points per game and field goals made.

He is also fourth in career free throws made and second in free throw percentage at a .876 clip.  He leads the all-time record book in made three pointers with 257, while ranking tied for sixth in 3-point percentage at a .413 clip.

Justice ended his final season averaging 21.8 points per game, finishing on the NABC South Region All-American Team. This goes along with a junior season that saw him receive an NABC All-American team award and a GSC Player of the Year and All-Academic Team award.

When asked about his time at VSU, Beau only had one word to describe his experience: “Unforgettable.”

Going forward, the former player of the year has signed with Duran International agency group, a Spanish based agency group, and is preparing for a professional career, whether in the G-League or overseas in Liga ACB in Spain and EuroLeague competition.

Most teams will wait until the end of their seasons in June or July before they begin to offer contracts to new players.

“VSU has really helped prepare me to continue my career,” said Justice. “As a student, were all taught to develop and grow as human beings, which can allow me to prepare myself for a potential life professionally overseas. While Coach Helfer and the team really helped me develop my game and put me in the best positions to succeed.”

Scouting reports say Justice may be a bit undersized, but has one of the best jump shots and an highly intense work ethic that can allow him to succeed at any level. He continues to look at ways to improve his game everyday.

“I’m working on developing my shot creation. Being able to get my shot off against bigger defenders will allow me to be more effective on the court. I’ll have to get faster and stronger in order to accomplish that and become a more complete offensive player.”

Justice mentioned his influences were his brother, Blake Justice, and that he watched a lot of J.J. Reddick while he was at Duke University and in the NBA.

Beau modeled a lot of his game from Reddick.

Reddick’s ability to move without the ball and find space to make shots has become essential in the modern basketball game, where 3 pointers and spacing has become more important than ever. Justice believes that his skill set can play to the modern game that will allow him to excel playing professionally.

As he continues to move forward and take on these new adventures, Justice will always remember the family that has been here at VSU.

His brother, former VSU basketball standout and current Blazer assistant coach Blake Justice, was a major influence on him playing at VSU and believes that they found a new home here.

Blake has the rare instance of being able to not only grow up with Beau, but experience everything that Beau is going through today.

Blake played multiple seasons in Germany before returning as an assistant for the Blazers.

“I think the biggest thing about playing in Europe is just being on your own,” said Blake Justice. “Playing with guys eight or nine years older than you can be tough sometimes, as you don’t always click like your teammates in college. But I think Beau has the mentality to be successful and I think he will adjust well.”

Coach Justice also talked about Beau’s ability to shoot the ball allowing him to be successful and sees himself playing basketball for the rest of his life.

“He does so many things well on the court that I believe proper underestimate because it’s overshadowed by his scoring ability. As he hits the professional game, Beau’s going to continue developing his overall game.”

Beau was seventh all time at VSU with 276 assists.

“There’s only a few things in this world I think I would have given my playing career up for and having the opportunity to Coach my little brother is definitely one,” said Blake Justice. “As an older brother you always somewhat are a coach when it comes to basketball but more so having the chance to spend time with him every day is something that not a lot of people get the opportunity to do. Take basketball out of the equation and I think the moments we’ve been able to spend together as brothers is even better.”

Beau was grateful to be able to get the opportunity to play under his brothers tutelage.

He recalled it as something “I haven’t really ever seen before in the NCAA.”

While looking forward at his career, he knows he always has a spot back at VSU when it’s all said and done.

“I look forward to the next 10 years where I can discover my game and become financially stable,” said Beau Justice. “After that, I hope you come home and have a spot on the bench next to my brother, so we can work together again.”

Written by Kyle Grondin, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of VSU Athletics.

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