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Pop Addict: Beyonce, music industry update, Endgame

Hello to all my pop addicts of VSU. It has been a week since I’ve talked to you last. Hope that your house is in order, while you worrying about other folks business! Just kidding! I’ve got a nice cup of jade citrus mint tea brewing, so let’s get into it.

Following the mass hysteria that it sent Beyoncé’s fans in—I was a part of the hysteria—Netflix has confirmed that “Homecoming” was only the first film out of three that will be delivered by the one, the only, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Netflix also said that she will receive a whopping $60 million for these features. I’m sorry, but we had to stan! Now, in 2016, Beyoncé went on tour with her Formation World Tour. The fans were pestering the queen, in person and on social media, for a DVD of the tour, and she never gave the fans any type of attention. On Monday, the queen let her petty out and released “Where is the Formation World Tour DVD” merchandise. *Insert crying and skull emoji.* Then, hours later, she released her 2016 album “Lemonade” to all streaming services. Queen didn’t allow for her albums to be streamed, but all of a sudden they all are on streaming services? This led fans to be VERY SUSPICIOUS of her next moves. My theory—this is just mine, nobody else has to believe it—is that she released BeyChella to Netflix and created a live album, and next she’ll release the Formation World Tour DVD and finally, she’ll release her next album, or B7, as its affectionately referred to, on Netflix and will once again, shatter the world. She’s a LEGEND. Nobody’s doing what she’s doing. AND THAT’S FAX, NO PRINTER! Argue with your mother, not me! Moving on!

The Jonas Brothers are releasing a new album, and the whole entire internet is fangirling anxiously. And honestly, is it bad that I’m not that excited? I hope the music will be great and be successful, but I have a fear that it’ll sound dated. If you venture back to 2016, when Joe Jonas’ group DNCE released its album, it just sounded very… late, to say the least. Either way, I hope that our childhoods will be avenged with great honor.

Megan Thee Stallion continues to climb the charts with her club hit “Big Ole Freak.” I’m personally excited to see how far the single will go. Real hot, GIRL!

“Avengers: Endgame” has debuted, and America finally gets to find out what happens after some of our favorite heroes have been turned to dust. Get your tickets and make sure that you use the bathroom before the movie because I’ve been told that the three-hour feature is inescapable. You have to watch every scene.

FKA twigs, THE DOLL, has a new single out, “Cellophane.” We’re here for it. It was time for the funky, alternative girl to return to music.

Azealia Banks has a new Twitter account, and we honestly want her to just go ahead and delete it. Thanks, love. We don’t want your problematic ways back on our timelines.

That’s all the tea that I have for this week. Remember to check back here to get your teacup filled with more piping hot tea!

Written by Jacorey Moon, Special Projects Manager.

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