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Crime Report: Residence halls high crime areas

Is Valdosta State’s crime following a pattern?

Most of VSU’s crime reports consist of drug law violations involved with marijuana, leading to an arrest by Valdosta State police.

There have been three cases of drug law violations since Oct. 12. That were three arrests of Valdosta State students in the past nine days.

Many of these arrests are coming from Valdosta State students calling the VSU police and reporting the smell for the police to investigate. The arrests and reports are coming from the dormitories and parking decks surrounding the campus.

Exceptions to drug law violations include other petty crimes, like simple assault. One case from Oct. 14, in which a student reported that an unknown person threw hot Ramen noodles on him while he was taking a shower in Langdale Hall, remains open.

The rate of crime in residence halls raises the question whether anything is being done to stop the issue before the law gets involved or the issue is being ignored until the law gets involved.

You can see the daily crime and fire reports by going on the VSU homepage and going to the VSU administration tab and clicking on the public safety feature. On that page, you can also anonymously report a crime or any suspicious behavior to the UPD.

Written by Amelia Sellars, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of The Spectator.

For more crime reports, click here.

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