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If You're taking classes in spring 2020 and/or summer 2020, now is the time to fill out your FASFA application.

Financial Aid registration opens for VSU students

FAFSA just opened their application for the 2020-21 school year.

Financial aid plays such an important role in many students’ reason for being able to pursue their education. Free Application for Student Aid or FAFSA is often the best place to begin when it comes to financial aid.

FAFSA is a great baseline to know how much money the government is willing to give each student in terms of grants and the types of loans that each person may qualify for each year.

With the release of the application, College Assistant Migrant Program or CAMP hosted an event for students in CAMP to learn and receive assistance with completing the FAFSA by members from the Office of Financial Aid on October 15.

Chad Daughtery, Associate Director of Financial Aid, gave a presentation on what was required to complete the FAFSA. Students must go to FASFA.gov to complete the application. This will not only reveal what a student is eligible for the following school year, but for the summer as well.

Summer financial aid is connected to fall FAFSA information and require that students maintain a 2.0 GPA and must have completed hours more than 60-70 percent of their hours during the school year.

There is also an app called MyStudent Aid App that allows students to complete the FAFSA application online. It is also a great way to keep track of financial aid.

When completing the FAFSA biological parents are mostly used as dependents. It is based on each person’s situation. Also, most students will be considered dependent unless there is a rare situation that would make the student independent.

The time to complete the FAFSA is now, so that any corrections or adjustments that need to made can be done sooner rather than later.

Written by Isabella Schneider, Staff Writer. Photos Courtesy of VSU. 

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