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Editorial: Homecoming could use a new spin

Homecoming is one of the many occasions where the campus can come out and show school pride while having fun. All across the country, universities welcome back alumni to show off what’s new on campus and to help them relive memories from their time in college.

That is a fine tradition, is that all that Homecoming can be, or can it be even another level better here at VSU?

The main purpose of Homecoming is to welcome back all VSU alumni so they can help show school pride for a school they once attended. Here at VSU, we should show them that their alma mater has grown and improved since they left Valdosta behind.

VSU hopes to turn homecoming into a recruitment opportunity. Considering the fact that VSU’s enrollment rates went up 1.9% in August, they have no intention on slowing down their progress in increasing that number even more.

So far, VSU has put up lamp pole banners and signs that clearly promote not just homecoming but also the school. This method is called environmental branding and is something that VSU started doing at the beginning of the school year by decorating the bridge and crosswalks. This shows the campus in the best possible light, but can we do more to prove to alumni that their school is improving?

A lot of fun activities occur during the week of homecoming, but all of those activities either consist of partying or doing something entertaining. VSU could host educational or influential events for students to participate in. The university could bring in speakers or showcase the work of students and professors.

Instead, Homecoming week takes a toll on academics because students are so distracted with all the festivities that they neglect their work and end up regretting it after Homecoming is over. VSU should host more activities during Homecoming week that are dedicated to promoting educational and inspiring topics that can really make a change on our campus.

A theme that seems to be a recurring one in every candidate’s campaign for homecoming king or queen is bringing the campus together and breaking the barriers that stand in between each social group. This is a good goal, but we need to see this actually happen, and not just empty promises.

How can we begin to come together when we don’t have a solid ground to come together on? We vote these people king and queen expecting to see what they promised while they were running, but change is never made the priority after the battle is won. If we really want to see a change on campus, then we need to come together and fix it ourselves. We don’t need to wait for a king and queen to be appointed to make a difference on campus.

Homecoming week is a great time to celebrate VSU. Let’s just make sure we’re doing all we can to show what’s best about Blazer Nation.

This editorial reflects the general opinion of The Spectator staff. 

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