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Editorial: The dangers of social media

Social has been a staple in our society for the last 10 years, it has made everything and everyone the same and not for the better. Social media is dictating how people think and react, so many of us have our lives controlled by a phone.

It’s getting so out of hand that in many states, including Georgia, laws exist where you can’t have your phone while you’re driving. It’s because the masses are so fixated on what’s going on with social media rather than their own lives.

Some people have social media straining their lives so bad they have to take days, weeks, or even months of social media, so they don’t for lack of better words of insane because of it.

It’s awful on the Millennial and Generation Z demographics as their lives have mostly grown up with social media, so that’s all they know. Social media has taken over their lives before they even knew what it was like before there was Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

The latest example of this crisis is the Popeye’s chicken sandwich, which everybody in the world is going crazy over. The craze began in August of 2019, where it was promoted on twitter then before you knew it the sandwich was praised on all social media platforms.

In August, the sandwich wasn’t new. It had been out for quite some time, but social media gave it free publicity without most that were sharing it ever actually trying the sandwich. The store had lines out of the restaurant for weeks, and it was only for one item on their menu.

The sandwich had been advertised so much on social media that it caused a strain on the company’s inventory of the sandwich so, they discontinued it until recently. On November 3rd in which it was introduced back to the public.

Of course, this caused another uproar, designed by Popeye’s itself on social media, but not even a day after the popular item was re-released, a man was fatally stabbed.

The incident happened after multiple people rushed to the fast-food chain after hearing that it was back from social, media and a fight broke out as there was an argument about cutting in line.

The Popeye’s epidemic is an extreme example of social media being a detriment to society but an important one when discussing the effect it can have.

Imagine a world where we continue down this trend, and social media is the only media we consume. It sways the public opinion to the point where nobody has anything to offer that goes against the norm.

Social media has put us in a scary vacuum of time. The only thing that can help this would be providing a space where we can be isolated from all the distractions.

This editorial reflects the general opinion of The Spectator staff. 

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