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People poll: What should students do if they’re failing at this point in the semester?

Gardner Rogers, Professor in the English Department

“At the point in the semester, the best thing a student can do is visit the professor during the professor’s office hours. During the conference, the student should admit to any missed assignments or classes, etc. and concentrate on what to do for remaining graded activities. Students should read the syllabus carefully for any language regarding make-up work. If the syllabus states that make-up work is not available or possible, odds are that the professor means it. Students should also read the syllabus carefully to determine how much of their course grade is not yet determined.”


Dr. Mary Block, Professor in the History Department

“Go to the Academic Support Center to get help, we have tutors for everybody in the core. You should also go talk to your professor. Do all of the above.”

Mr. Pfoung, Professor in the Political Science Department

“It’s a critical point in time. On the whole, students should start talking to their professors early. We want to bring students here, to pass them and to pass them for them to actually graduate. As professors, we are all in the same boat, we are committed to passing our students. We have the resources. We are all professionals here. See your professor earlier, discuss the difficulties you have in learning, they can track you, do different things and most importantly students should get to know their faculty.”

Written by Jasmin Small, Staff Writer. Photos Courtesy of  Jasmin Small. 

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