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How vegan-friendly is VSU?

VSU is a large school that has multiple options when it comes to food choices. There are on-campus restaurants, markets, and even two reputable buffet style dining areas.
These places offer a variety of nutritional meals for students, teachers, and faculty.
While the some students enjoy the food at these places, there are some students and teachers that practice other dietary habits such as being vegan.
Vegan is a term that refers to a person who don’t eat or use animal products. Therefore, these individuals prefer not to eat any kind of meat or dairy product.

Graphic courtesy of Bethany Davis, Graphic Designer

There are also many places in Valdosta that provide vegan options. But none of these places are dedicated solely to vegan lifestyles.

VSU has not always provided meals for vegan students, but they have improved overtime by adding vegan options to Palms Dining Hall.
Palms does offer a small vegan bar located near the salad bar.
This bar includes food options with soy and vegetable based products that replace actual animal products which are made as healthier alternatives.
The Blazer Sports Grille is another dining area for students that occasionally offers vegan or vegetarian meals, but it is usually only a very small quantity of food that is served with very little options to choose from.
Dr. Thomas Aiello, Associate Professor of History and African American Studies is vegan and said If VSU advertised more vegan options, then it would be more appealing for people to try vegan selections which may lead to the increase of choices.
“Processed meats are a class one Carcinogen; they’re as dangerous as cigarettes,” he said. “We ban the cigarettes on this campus, and yet we still shove dead animals down students’ throats which is bad for the students and even worse for the animals. So by providing more vegan options it would not only be saving the lives of animals but helping the environment. It would also just be better caretaking of the students.”

Written by Amaiya Arzola, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of prexel. 

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