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People Poll: How do you feel about fall 2020 commencement now being in person?


Austin Blanton, senior communication major

“People deserve it (graduation), and I know people are able to come back and walk as well so I think that’s pretty cool. We’re on campus full-time, so I think what’s the point of us not having a graduation. Hopefully, in the spring, it (face to face graduation) will carry on, and I’ll be able to walk as well. I feel like all this works we should be able to walk. “

Caleb Shaw, senior health science major

“I’m pretty sure the school is going to follow the guidelines to make sure we’re social distancing. I’m actually pretty excited about it (graduation) (and) that we get to have some sort of a graduation. I think it’s pretty cool how they separated (everyone) into four different graduations.”

Amber Holley, senior biology major

“I’m really excited about it. I was sad because I thought that we weren’t going to get a graduation, but I was really ecstatic when I watched the announcement video. The fact that it (the announcement) was an in a video and not just in an email was really nice. I’m excited my family gets to come. I’m just glad I have something to remember.”

Suzanne Nelson, junior musical theatre major

“I think that it’s a wonderful idea. I think given the fact that we’re already practically doing face to face with social distancing and CDC guidelines, I think that it’s a great idea just for normalcy for seniors that are going to have the last send off. I think that it’s (this graduation) definitely going to be a a test run. Hopefully, they will do this for my graduation, and it will be helpful for the students here.”

Story and Photos by Lenah Allen, Editor-In-Chief

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