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People Poll: How do you feel about the new Spring Break changes for spring 2021?

Ranson Trueman, a junior secondary education and history major

“I can understand why they are planning to spread out days instead of a whole week, but a lot of us take that time to go home and see our families and get a mental break from school. It gives us a chance to breathe and relieve a ton of stress that has been put on us.”

Taylor Durden, junior English major

“We all use our breaks in different ways. Partying at the beach, which is typical and needed, going home and visiting family, taking a break or catching up on homework along with other things. I’m disappointed but I understand and I’m glad we have a few days throughout the semester to take a break.”

Haley Waters, junior English major

“I don’t go anywhere special for spring breaks anyways so I’m totally fine with not having a spring break. Yes, it was time for us to relax for a whole week, but I’m all for having wellness days because students need that kind of break. So, I commend VSU for taking the time out to think about their students.”

Wyatt Brady, junior communications major

“It’s kind of disappointing, but I know we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, so I understand that the health of everyone on campus is more important than being able to party during spring break.”

Brooke Wiggins, senior chemistry major

“I was a little upset knowing I wouldn’t be having a spring break my last semester of college, but I think it’s great that VSU is still giving us those five days spread out throughout the semester to have to ourselves. It’s so important to take time to breathe and relax in the midst of a busy semester.”

Story and Photos by Jonnie Brewer, Staff Writer

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