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2020 Presidential Election Too Close to Call

As many predicted, the presidential election remains too close to call on the night of the election. At this time, former Vice President Joe Biden holds a slight Electoral College lead over President Donald Trump, with much of the vote still not counted in key battleground states.

Biden has performed well in Democrat strongholds like New England, California and Colorado, but Trump’s showing in the Sun Belt likely eliminates the chance at a landslide victory for Biden.

Trump has won Florida, a key swing state that has set the tone for what look like likely victories in Georgia and North Carolina.

Most battleground states have yet to declare a victor, with states like Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania shifting from one candidate to the other as votes are counted. Early indicators suggest that Biden may take Arizona, one of the key states for both candidates this cycle.

Several states, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia have all clarified that their election results may take anywhere from twenty-four hours to several days to count in their entirety, meaning that the results of this election may be delayed significantly.

A major factor in this election is the massive number of early and mail-in votes, which are counted differently and at different times in different states. Many pundits believe mail or early votes favor Democrats, while Election Day votes favor Republicans. This makes states difficult to predict while all votes are counted.

Americans will wait in anticipation for results from Pennsylvania especially, a state that may be the bellwether for the entire election. One key factor in determining both candidates’ fate: How will the famed Obama-to-Trump voters of the Rust Belt vote in this election?

In the Senate, former Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper has ousted incumbent Republican Cory Gardner, marking the first of what Democrats hope will be a night full of flipped Senate seats. Former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville has beaten incumbent Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama, meaning that as of now the Senate’s composition remains unchanged. The House of Representatives will retain its Democrat majority.

Written by Robert Davison, Staff Writer, Graphic courtesy of Bethany Davis, Graphic Designer.

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