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Her Campus covers women at VSU

There are a variety of organizations here on VSU campus. These organizations include different interests for students. One of these organizations is Her Campus.

Her campus is an organization focusing on journalism specifically geared towards collegiate women. They cover different topics from career, love, style and general issues about life. It seems to be an excellent fit for women who plan to major in English, journalism, mass media and public relations.

Haley Waters, vice president of Her Campus, says she joined Her Campus in 2018 because of a love for writing. She says Her Campus is a safe space for women of all different backgrounds and walks of life to write and speak about things they feel passionate about.

Waters is hopeful that women connect and form a relationship with other collegiate women to who they relate.

“I felt as if I could write about things that interested me all while maybe helping the next woman who may need it,” she said. “I also joined because as an introvert, I felt that I don’t have to fake to be someone else around these women, I genuinely love them and am grateful for their friendship.”

Angelica Pinkney, a senior criminal justice major and editor for Her Campus, joined for similar reasons. She joined in the fall 2019 while still in high school, and it appealed to her as a place where women can talk about their struggles as women.

“The main purpose of this group is supporting women and trying our best to write informative articles about the everyday things women go through,” Pinkney said. “The purpose we have for this organization is to strengthen, lead and teach women through writing and reading.”

Their goals are also admirable with Sam Acevedo, a junior English major and secretary of Her Campus, saying that their primary goal for the moment is to gain more recognition on campus, so when members graduate, the organization is still thriving for the next ladies that need it.

“I believe other women should join because this is the most genuine and kind-hearted group of girls I’ve met since I’ve been here, having made so many close-knit friendships, I want other women to be able to have that same opportunity,” Waters said. “As the vice president, I feel others should join because president Shardai Swift and I do our best to make Her Campus feel safe and fun to be around while helping our community and ladies grow.”

There are no requirements to join Her Campus. The only thing these ladies request is a positive attitude and genuine heart, as well as an evident love for reading, writing and an engaged mind.

When joining a group, questions about what to expect from the group are common. Her Campus offers opportunities and friends to take with you after college. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Zoom meetings proceed every other Sunday at 4 p.m.

However, the upcoming interest meeting is in person at Odum Library in room 1470 on Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 6 p.m. For those ladies not on campus, it is encouraged that you join on Zoom.

Her Story is for student ladies interested in making friends, expressing opinions in a safe environment, and empowering others.

Written by Carleigh Parker, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Her Campus.

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