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Wild Adventures to hire 500 seasonal employees

Wild Adventures has begun hiring hundreds of new employees for their upcoming 2021-2022 season.

This is a large park so it will need a lot of help to open the season. This will be made up of 500 employees total. The park tends to keep some of their past seasonal employees, so the new employees will be included in the 500.

These openings will include positions in merchandise, games, photos, attractions, food and beverage and security. . The staff has a job available for everybody, so there are plenty of opportunities.

These jobs will also give the employees the chance to cross-train, as well. So, if the employee is hired for the petting zoo, there may be a time that they are needed for attractions as an extra.

The seasonal jobs will last from March all the way to Christmas. If the employees make a good impression or have a good experience, the park can make an automatic offer to hire them full time, rather than just seasonal.

With the park celebrating its 25 anniversary this year, they want to make the season start out with a bang.

“What we would like them to gain is a great experience,” Jennie Boyer, Director of Human Resources said. “We want them to walk away having had a really good time, having learned a lot. Really, what I want when folks leave here is to walk away saying “gosh I’m sorry I have to leave.””

Students are to apply online at www.WildAdventures.com/Jobs and go through the interview process with the hiring managers.

Story written by Madison Gruber, Assistant Campus Life Editor. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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