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Thank you to the professors who understand

This is a sincere “thank you” letter to professors who have truly worked tirelessly with their students over the past year to help students continue to be successful in such a stressful time period. 

Last spring, students’ lives changed drastically America shut down and students were unable to return to campus. Forced to finish their last semester of school online, students were still in shock of what the world had become and began losing faith in their ability to finish school. 

Students who had worked tirelessly for years to receive a grand celebration for their accomplishment of graduating were left to watch simple slide shows of their senior pictures while their names were announced on a webcam call. 

The world became dull. Jobs were lost, businesses were closed and people were fighting for their lives. The world seemed to have stopped. 

Students’ mental health became an issue that many colleges tried to help by providing uplifting messages, holding socially distanced events and making efforts to bring joy back to campus. 

The only issue is no matter how many free pens or stickers a student receives, the chances of those items helping them regain the will to complete assignments on time and balance the rest of their personal lives are slim to none. 

Therefore, we thank professors who understand the hardship of being a student during this time. Being forced to adapt to online classes can be difficult due to learning preferences that students have. Students now have to focus twice as hard to ensure they are still learning the criteria. 

Professors, all us students ask of you is that you hear us out. Take the time to understand what were going through outside of school. Some of us have lost our jobs and are struggling financially. Some of us have lost close family members that meant the world to us. Students are still only students and should be held accountable for their assignments but, taking the time to ensure that students are mentally okay can make a huge difference. 

Often, students do not reach out to their professors due to intimidation, a busy schedule or they have already given up on themselves. Students are fully aware of how much power a professor holds in their school success and unfortunately, most professors are cut and dry when it comes to completing an assignment and turning it in on time.  

A wise professor once told me that failing a student does nothing good for the student or the professor.  

Not to say every professor isn’t listening to their students, but more should. Listen to our stories as we are human too. Most of us are still younger humans who are learning about adulthood while balancing school at the same time all during a pandemicLife doesn’t get any easier from here, as we have all witnessed in our day to day to lives.  

The importance of having an understanding between a professor and student can make life a bit easier for both parties. More professors should try easing up on deadlines from time to time and simply lend an ear to a student in need of an outlet.  

So, once again, thank you to those professors who have given students a second chance. You have no idea how you may have helped a student’s life.  

A little goes a long way. 


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  1. Wonderfully stated! In a world where there are many unknowns, this article offers a chance to step back and evaluate the processes. Although there may be times when an extension cannot be given, there may be other opportunities for listening and creative ways to accomplish what needs to be done.

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