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Thanksgiving table with roasted turkey, sliced ham and side dishes

A cheesy winner

Thanksgiving has quickly passed, but the holiday season is in full swing. There’s often food to bring people together in celebration and giving thanks.

The Spectator Newsletter ran a poll asking what your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal is. The selection was among the most common dishes including turkey, ham, mac and cheese, dressing, and pumpkin pie.

This poll ran in the newsletter for two weeks with mac and cheese and dressing fighting to win. Out of 128 votes, Mac and cheese with 39 votes won just passing dressing at 38 votes. Ham came in third at 22 votes, pumpkin pie 16 votes, and the icon of Thanksgiving, the turkey, came in last place with 13 votes.

What was your favorite dish from Thanksgiving this year? Let us know!

The Spectator Newsletter polls are a small percentage of the Spectator’s readers. If you would like to be a part of the next poll, subscribe to the Spectator Newsletter. It is a great way to get the top stories for the week every Thursday straight to your inbox.

Written by Isabella  Schneider, Newsletter Editor. Photo courtesy of Flickr. 

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  1. SwedishFishFan2013

    My favorite dish was the emergency box of Swedish Fish I keep in my car

  2. SwedishFishFan2013

    “What was your favorite dish from Thanksgiving this year?”

    Allow me to answer in the form of a poem:

    I look around at this bountiful feast.
    I gaze upon the roasted beasts.
    I see there’s mac and cheese at least.
    But where is that dish?

    I know I gave them all the hints
    I don’t detect it among the scents
    I lament this table’s bland contents
    Where’s the Swedish Fish

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