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Pop Addict: Jan. Album Releases

Hey there, pop addicts! It’s your entertainment editor, Madison, here to tell you the monthly goods of 2022.

For this edition, I’ll be sharing some great album releases and future releases of January, so you don’t miss out.

First and foremost, one of the best albums that was released so far this month was Dawn FM from The Weeknd.

This sixteen-track concept album was released just last week and might be one of The Weeknd’s most ambitious projects that he has released in years. Some tracks that you’ll have to listen to would be “How Do I Make You Love Me?”, “Sacrifice” and “Here We Go… Again”.

The album even features actor Jim Carrey. In “Phantom Regret by Jim”, Carrey plays the role of a blissful radio DJ. This spoken word piece leads the listener from an existential crisis to death to afterlife.

Onto some upcoming albums for the month of Jan., we have Caprisongs by FKA Twigs. This album is set to be released on the 14th.

The Lumineers are releasing their senior album Brightside on the 14th as well.

Walker Hayes’ junior album Country Stuff the Album has an official release date of Jan. 21. So, if country music is what you’re into, this album seems to be the only country album releasing in Jan.

Rapper Kyle has his junior album, It’s Not So Bad, releasing on the 28th. As a Kyle fan, I am really hoping this new album makes up for his last album See You When I Am Famous. That album was a solid 4 out of 10, as far as my opinion goes. Fingers crossed. Don’t let me down, Kyle.

The last album that I am (kinda) looking forward to this month is Unstoppable by the late rapper Aaliyah. I say “kinda” because I don’t usually like posthumous projects because the artist gets no say so in what’s happening with their work.

But it’s Aaliyah, so I know the album will literally be great, but the lack of respect and random features are holding me back.

Because it is Jan., that gives a lot more time for artists to give us some surprise albums and singles before the month is over.

Overall, the month of Jan. is decent; you just have to look around to find the good stuff.

Until next time, pop addicts!

Written by Madison Gruber, Entertainment Editor. Photo courtesy of Sarahi Montero, special to the Spectator. 

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