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The perfect gift for your Valentine based on love language

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, everyone is scrambling to get their partner a gift for the holiday, but sometimes, those partners need a little help thinking outside of the box for a present.

Here’s the solution: three types of gifts, all personalized for different love languages.

For the people who enjoy quality time, an activity that requires or encourages two people is the best present to get. Interactive restaurants like Mori Hibachi, couple’s yoga or even a trip to Wild Adventures would be a wonderful gift for the person who likes spending time and doing things together.

For those who like physical touch, something that resembles touch is perfect. Weighted blankets, teddy bears or even bath bombs and comfy pajamas provide a feeling of physical contact, even if they’re alone, to remind them of their sweetheart every time they pick it up.

And for the ones who like words of affirmation, what better than the ability to take the words with them? Personalizing something like jewelry gives them a way to bring these words along for the ride and is a sweet and heartfelt way to make them feel loved. Make a jar of notes filled with compliments and things they need to hear for an even more personal gift. It serves as a great way to start the day and a quick way to make them smile.

Gift-giving is tricky, but it can be much less hassle to cater to their Valentine’s specific needs. Not only are these more thoughtful than the typical roses and chocolates, but they also help to display more sentiment towards their interests.

Using these presents- or other types, if they have different love languages will make Valentine’s Day a lot more memorable and ensure that it never has to be spent alone again.

Written by Bailey Wilson, social media editor. Photo Courtesy of Flickr.

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