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Top five dinner ideas for couples and singles this Valentine’s day

There are many ways to spend Valentine’s day whether alone, with your significant other or with friends, here are five fun dinner ideas to fulfill any needs for the holiday.

  1. Have a picnic

This is my all-time favorite date idea for any day, but it’s easy to make a picnic extra romantic for Feb. 14. Dress up a little, grab a couple of candles, and set up a blanket at the park or front lawn. It’s best to do this during sunset, so when you’re done enjoying dinner, you and your beau can stargaze and enjoy a peaceful evening together.

  1. Go all out

Dress up and go on a classy dinner date with your beau. Downtown Valdosta has plenty of fancy (and pricey) restaurants: Steel Magnolias, 306 North and the Bistro are popular. These may require a reservation for romantic holidays such as Valentine’s Day, so be sure to check in on that.

  1. Finger foods and game night

This one is for the singles who don’t want to spend the holiday alone. Get a group of your friends together to celebrate being single with dips, charcuterie boards, pigs in a blanket, wings and more. Don’t forget board, card and trivia games to keep things fun. You could even include the TikTok famous PowerPoint night.

  1. Order in and do something for yourself

This is specifically for the singles who will be spending Valentine’s Day at home. The best way to celebrate being single is to order in your favorite food and participate in selfcare, which can range from making a vision board or bingeing your favorite show to taking care of your skin. Everyone needs nights like this, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to have one.

  1. When all else fails, get pizza

This versatile option is for anyone. This is the perfect dinner for watching a movie, hanging out with friends, double dates, catching up on laundry and doing homework. It is also a comfort food for any of those singles who may be feeling down this Valentine’s Day. Not to mention the heart-shaped pizza that many restaurants offer.

Written by Jonnie Brewer, News Editor. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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