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Candle Palace comes to Valdosta

Candle Palace is a new business in Valdosta that brings a fun experience through candle making.

People can come by the store and make 12 oz candles with classes that they provide. The experience is reservation only with a class on the history and process of candle making while guests melt, mix and pour their own creations.

The owner, Antoinette Ford, was raised in Valdosta, so the city is near and dear to her heart. She opened the business to create a unique experience for customers as a way to make something by hand while educating them on the process in the meantime.

Guests who book a class are taken into the studio where they are given an apron and shown to a wall of candle jars for them to choose from. They are given a small talk about how candle making has progressed through centuries and how the process works. Then they are given a chance to pick their own scents or to mix and match different fragrance oils to make a candle to their liking.

After they are done with the oils, they are given the wax to melt and blend with the oils. Then the wicks are added, and the candles are given 45 minutes to set. Guests have the option to leave the store for this time period or even come back during business hours on another day to pick up their candle. Once they are finished, however, guests can take their new candles home.

For Ford’s business, she uses coconut wax and fragrance oils to make high-quality candles that burn longer and smell stronger. They are also clean, cruelty-free and pet-safe.

“You do have to heat it at a higher temperature, you have to mix the fragrance in at a higher temperature, you have to pour it at a higher temperature, but it’s easier to wick, and the smell is stronger.” Ford said. “As far as the fragrance oils go, they are paraben free, cruelty free, they’re better than essential oils… it’s actually safer.”

The 45-minute workshop is open throughout the week, excluding Mondays and Tuesdays, and are open to couples or groups.

According to their website, groups of six or more get 10% off. These groups include birthday parties, bridal showers, dates or any other celebrations. Children under six years old are not allowed into the store, and children above that age must have a parent signature.

The whole process of creating a 16 oz. candle is $40 per person.

“That comes with the jar and the fragrance and all the materials that you need as well as the instructor-led class.” Ford said.

Written by Bailey Wilson, staff reporter. Photo courtesy of Bailey Wilson.

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