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Guide: Finding ways to study for classes

Studying can be hard. Between absorbing new information and remembering old lessons, it can be difficult and boring to keep up with. As necessary as it is, it can be one of the worst parts about college.

It can be bearable, though, and even fun. There are ways to make studying more engaging without sacrificing the information. If you’re struggling with studying, here’s five tips to help you get through.

1. Find an environment that works for you.

Some students find a quiet, non-distracting environment like the Odum library to be the most suitable place to study. Others might prefer places with the white noise of people talking, such as the Student Union, to fill the silence and help them focus.

If quiet feels too boring, try going somewhere that has people. Likewise, if being in a social environment feels suffocating, find a study room or a desk somewhere silent.

2. Invest in apps that help.

If your phone is a distraction, but you don’t want to leave it turned off while you work, consider using an app to enhance your studying experience.

Apps such as Tide, My Study Life and Evernote can help you to use your phone while studying without becoming distracted by it.

3. Get competitive.

One of the best ways to get yourself engaged in content is to make it more challenging, and if you need a more active style of studying, consider making it a competition.

Kahoot, Quizzizz or even a game of Jeopardy can engage your brain in a way that forces you to recall information without a reference. Adding prizes or candy can make it even more rewarding.

Studying can be a low-dopamine activity with low activity and low reward. Making it a challenge, a prize to be won, can make the act of studying more engaging and ultimately help with recalling information when the time comes to use it.

4. Remember to take breaks.

Studying can drain you, even if it ends up being just staring at a book or screen and trying to absorb information.

Sometimes it can be healthier to walk away from it for a short period of time and return when your brain isn’t tired. Your brain cannot keep information stored when it’s tired.

Breaks are essential to studying; they help your brain absorb the information without trying to cram new information into it.

5. Don’t be afraid to use all of your resources.

VSU provides support for students who might need it, such as the ASC and tutoring programs. They aren’t there just for students who are falling behind; anyone who needs help is encouraged to use these resources in order to get ahead for classes.

Written by Bailey Wilson, Copyeditor Assistant. Photo courtesy of the Spectator.

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