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People Poll: What’s wrong with the Blazers?

The VSU football team has been having a hard time adjusting to the season and fans are really starting to notice.

The Blazers have lost three straight games for the first time since 2013. Additionally, it is the first time they’ve had a losing record at any point of a season since 2017.

Christian Vasquez, Freshman Business major, said

“I feel like they could use some more morale and [to be] more energetic.”

Angel Salazar, sophomore Mass Media, said

“Off the first game, I saw that the offense and defense looked kind of weak.”

Bennett Demrssemen, sophomore secondary education and history major, said 

“I came into the season with moderate expectations, but I came to the conclusion that the teams we have beat we were supposed to blow out. I hope we get it together, but I don’t wannna get my hopes up.” 

Mason Shuttle, senior exercise science major, said 

“I think we’re doing well and we just gotta keep pushing in the right direction.” 

Nae Louis, senior health science major, said  

“At least they are trying, we need a new coach or a team.” 

Story written by Samiriya Hamilton, news editor, and Austin Bruce, sports editor. Photos courtesy of Samiriya Hamilton.

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