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VSU hosts multiple study abroad programs

It’s that time of year for students to consider and apply for VSU’s study abroad programs.

VSU offers a broad range of experiences for students to choose from, with programs in Alaska, the Czech Republic, Dubai, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland and England.

Studying abroad programs are a great way to experience new cultures and get a new perspective on life inside and outside the U.S. These programs also help build resumes and provide career development skills.

“It changes the participant for the better,” Steven Kohn, program director for the Czech Republic program, said. “When I first participated as a teacher, it helped to change me and my views on teaching and learning.”

Students can apply to any of these programs from the VSU study abroad site.

With most programs, applicants will need to be at least 18 years of age, have a GPA of 2.00 and have a valid passport. Any further questions about requirements for a specific program can be emailed to the relevant program director, whose information will be available on the program overview page.

Overall program costs range from $2,960 to $4,546 (plus VSU tuition). These prices include airfare, board, tours/excursions and travel insurance provided by Cultural Insurance Services International.

The program costs do not include transportation to the airport, luggage fees, the cost of a passport or some meals.

Students can apply for scholarships to help pay off some of these costs; information about these can also be found on the specific programs page.

“[VSU] also has a $500-$750 study abroad scholarship,” Kohn said. “I help students apply, and everyone last year got it.”

To apply for a trip there is no application fee, but students will need to put down a deposit for whichever program they choose (like a $200 deposit for the Czech Republic program). This deposit is refundable if you withdraw, but if not withdrawn, it locks you into the program as a participant and goes toward your program fees.

“Once you make this payment, you are approved,” Kohn said. “Then you are eligible to apply for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Study Abroad Scholarship.”

For more information on programs offered, what classes and tours are included and deadlines for application, visit the VSU study abroad website page.

Written by Rachel Larson, staff writer. Photo courtesy of Bailey Storey. 

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