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Guide: Top 3 ways to stay safe on Campus

No one likes walking in the dark, especially alone.

Imagine you’re walking to your car after a long day of classes. You’re excited to get some food from your favorite fast-food place or even just to have a minute to listen to your music as loudly as you want.

As you’re rounding the curb that’s covered by overhanging trees, you start to feel uneasy. It feels like someone is watching your every move.

Here are some safety tips and tricks to keep in mind when walking around campus.

  1. Use the Blazer Guardian app.

Pulling out your phone seems like the next thing to do if you aren’t feeling safe, right? Well, VSU has created the Blazer Guardian app.

Students can download this app and create a profile to share with their friends, family and the University Police Department.

In this profile, students are able to pin certain destinations that have timers attached. If the student has not reached that destination, a message will be sent to notify the UPD about the student.

“Send a Tip” is another cool feature.

This feature allows students to send anonymous tips about themselves or someone they suspect might be in danger to the UPD.

The Guardian App also has a panic button that immediately notifies UPD and sends the students profile and location to the police as well.

  1. Have someone walk out with you.

Friends are wonderful people that benefit our lives in more ways than just having those late-night karaoke sessions in the car.

If you feel uncomfortable walking across the campus at night, it’s always easy to phone a friend to come walk with you.

If they are busy, the UPD also offers police escort services to anyone in the VSU community.

These escort services are available 24/7 and provide students with a location to meet a VSU police officer so they can be escorted to where they are headed.

If you’re in need of a police escort, call (229) 333-7816.

If you are in an emergency, UPD can be contacted at (229) 259-5555.

  1. Stay alert and keep your eyes peeled.

It’s completely understandable to pull out your phone whenever you’re walking.

Since walking isn’t deemed a fun activity by most, most people pass the time by returning a text or simply scrolling through social media.

However, taking your eyes off your surroundings and not paying attention can be dangerous.

Rummaging through your backpack while walking can also wait.

Keeping your eyes and ears open for any suspicious activity is more lifesaving than you may think. You’re more likely to notice a suspicious person who may be lurking in the parking deck. You may even be able to hear if someone is in trouble.

Instead of worrying about that text, get to your car as quickly as possible and make sure to lock the doors behind you.

It wouldn’t hurt to check the back seat either.

Written by Baylee Davis, Staff Reporter. Graphic special to The Spectator.

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