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Governor’s Chief of Staff makes Georgia history

Lauren Curry made history by being the first female chief of staff for the Governor’s office in Georgia. 

Brian Kemp announced on Jan. 12 that Curry will assume the role permanently beginning on Jan. 15.   

Curry has served in numerous roles before this position, allowing her to gain experience and prepare for this job. 

According to Gov.Georgia, Curry has worked in the Department of Economic Development, the Department of Natural Resources, the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security. 

Tim Golden, a former Georgia senator and representative, is a political science professor at VSU and VSU alumni. He worked alongside Governor Brian Kemp and is supportive of this decision. 

“Lauren has a solid background in state government,” said Golden. “Her academic background, extensive state experience and knowledge of the Legislature make her the perfect choice for this new role.” 

He believes this is a great event and loves watching history be made. 

 “I love watching history being made, and this is awesome,” said Golden.  

Amy Carter, former state representative and VSU alumni, also made history by being the first lady to participate in the Lowndes County state legislation. 

She knows Curry firsthand and believes she is qualified for this position for many reasons. 

“I know Lauren and know her to be an exceptional leader who offers thoughtfulness, decisiveness and accountability,” said Carter.  

This event also reflects the current state of the government system in Georgia. 

“I believe it signals that the government recognizes the importance of having a leadership team that reflects the diversity of the population it serves,” said Carter. 

Having women in government roles is vital for diversity, according to Carter. 

“Having women in key roles ensures that women’s perspectives are considered in decision-making processes,” said Carter. “Policies and initiatives are more likely to address the diverse needs of the population when there is gender diversity within the leadership team.” 

Curry, being the first female Chief of Staff, serves as an inspiration, according to Carter. 

“As a woman, she offers empathy and serves as an inspiration for others,” said Carter. “It demonstrates that women can excel in any profession or position.” 

SGA senator Alyssa Archer, a sophomore political science and pre-law major, believes this event is inspirational. 

“As a future female attorney, I feel like this is an inspiration for women around the country to achieve their dreams,” said Archer. 

Archer believes this shows that the government system is fit for everyone. 

“I believe that this highlights that there is a place for everyone in the government system in Georgia, no matter the skin color or gender,” said Archer.   

Written by Jenna Arnold, News Editor. Photos courtesy of Office of the Governor.

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