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New addition to Valdosta Mall leaves shoppers curious

The Valdosta Mall is gaining a new store by Feb. 29. 

Construction is seen taking place where Bed, Bath and Beyond once was. There is much discussion over what the store could be, as it is hidden from the public. 

James Dolen, the Valdosta Mall’s general manager, says adding stores will allow for growth. 

“We have a new 20,000-square-foot store opening on Feb. 29,” said Dolen. “That’s pretty much all I can tell you.” 

The Valdosta Mall recently began a partnership with the Spinoso Real Estate Group, which is heavily involved in Florida and South Georgia malls. 

The mall plans to see an increase in sales and job opportunities with the new edition. 

“Not only will new stores be hiring people, but they’ll also provide an increase in sales, which would create more sales tax revenues,” said Dolen. 

Alongside a new store being added in Feb., one is also expected to be added by Oct. This store will be in place of the current Children’s Place. 

The Children’s Place will be moved inside the mall, and the space will soon be home to another 10,000-square-foot tenant. 

Dolen said they will be using social media to gain attraction. 

“We have a marketing budget here at the mall, and we tend to use a lot for social media,” said Dolen. 

The stores are still unknown but will be announced when it opens.  

Written by Jenna Arnold, News Editor. Photos courtesy of Jenna Arnold.

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  1. According to my sources, it’s going to be a HomeGoods.

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