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VSU can’t prevent sexual assault without the students

Written by Erin Martin, Staff Writer From Valdosta State’s most recent statistics, in 2013, students reported six attempted sexual assaults; one reported assault, and seven rapes. The rape reports have decreased by half since 2011, but attempted sexual assaults are up; there were none in 2011. The question often arises if universities are doing enough to protect college students from ...

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My nipples aren’t for you

Written by LaShawn Oglesby, College Life Editor So, you know that being sexually attracted to feet or chubby and larger people are fetishes. Well, guess what? If you like boobs, join the club, because being sexually attracted to breasts is also a fetish. Breast fetishism (also known as mastofact, breast partialism, or mazophilia) is different from the first two fetishes ...

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Chief of police adresses campus safety

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Staff Writer The amount of safety a college provides affects the decisions made by students who are looking to go there.  Parents want their children in a safe environment, and students want a comfortable place to learn.  With campus safety being a factor in enrollment, it is essential that VSU ensures a secure university. The morning ...

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Hopper implements new upgrades for residents

Written by Jamel Shorter, Staff Writer Housing and Residence Life has been busy this past school year with planning and executing the many different ways they wanted to change the scope of what it means to “live on campus.” “This is my first year living on campus, and living on campus is so different from Blanton. Blanton had so much ...

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Why Police Shoot

Written by Dillon LaRue Rountree, Staff Writer It seems that nearly every aspect of policing is being scrutinized, from the equipment police are using to the laws that they enforce, nothing is taken for granted. The most contentious issue however, is the use of deadly force—when, why, and how police take the ultimate measure of force. To answer this, we must ...

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Commonplace for college career choices to change

  Written by Aldean Starr, Staff Writer For most students, college may be a transitioning phase of life. And for this transition, new opportunities, friendships and obstacles may be created. Before college, a student has no idea what to expect. There may be fear of a fresh start with no guardian or excitement. Either way, college will help a student ...

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Faculty senate to discuss Columbus Day Calendar complaint

Written by Jyrell Wynn, Staff Writer Today, the Faculty Senate congregates in the University Center Magnolia Room at 3:30 p.m. for the September meeting. One item on the agenda will be how VSU refers to Fall Break Fred Knowles, Chair of Native American Studies, wrote a letter to the Faculty Senate to express his displeasure with Fall Break being called ...

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Trump Stumps the Critics

  Written by John Stephen, Staff Writer Political analysts all over the country are admitting that they were wrong; after predicting a quick demise of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, he’s still in the game. In fact, he’s stronger than ever. According to CNN, Trump is leading nearly every poll nationally and in early voting states. Plenty of people still dislike ...

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The Daily Strange: Research shows that stereotypes of young people are false

Written by LaMarcus Wilkerson, Staff Writer Students have no sense of responsibility and are only concerned for themselves. Full-time and part-time students that work are sluggish and are careless about work ethics. They are vanity slaves and their arrogance limits their growth in the workplace. They are unappreciative of success and feel like they are entitled to it. These declarations ...

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‘Kyga’ still not socially acceptable

Written by Tatyana Phelps, Managing Editor Well, the cat is finally out of the bag. As if it wasn’t known by the entire country already, Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship is finally out and in the open. For almost a year, rumors had been circulating that the two were an item. Of course, since Kylie was only 17 and Tyga ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!