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Editorial: It’s hard out here for a journalist

We’ve all seen the recent video of the journalist and cameraman from Virginia who were shot and killed during a live recording. Although the crime was committed by a former employee, this is not the first time within the past couple years that a journalist has lost his or her life. Some of the more recent and well-known events date ...

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Campaign Zero attempting to end police brutality in America

Written by Dillon Rountree, Staff Writer Those who follow the #BlackLivesMatter movement may be familiar with a new list of policy proposals put forward by some prominent activists known as “Campaign Zero.” Zero refers to the goal of zero deaths at the hands of police. For the uninitiated, the campaign lists 10 major areas where they are proposing changes to ...

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You don’t need to be Casper to be a ghost

Written by Mayah Cantave, Staff Writer Have you ever been “talking” to someone, and then they completely disappear on you? You’re left wondering what happened and why? Well, you’ve been ghosted. Ghosting, also called “slow fade,” is a term used to describe the action of cutting off all ties and communication with another person. Usually when someone gets “ghosted”, they ...

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Smart Phone play Big Brother, used to track behaviors

Written by Jordan Barela, Editor-in-Chief We use our smartphones for everything. Everything from checking bank and social media accounts, browsing the internet endlessly, and spending every waking minute glued to a touch screen. With the invention of smartphones, we are able to carry a pocket-sized computer, game console, portable banking, and everything in between in our pockets. What if your ...

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‘Deez Nuts’ actual candidate or expression of America’s frustration towards politics?

Written by Erin Martin, Staff Writer There is a thin line between politics and entertainment. 15-year-old Brady Olson filed for presidency under the name “Deez Nuts”, which is also the title of a popular internet video. When Olson filed as a third party on July 26, everyone wanted to know exactly who the person behind the “Deez Nuts” campaign was. Shockingly, ...

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Horoscope: Daily Forecast 9/2/15

Today’s Birthday (09/02/15). Realize personal dreams this year with consistent practical focus. Let go of worn-out philosophies. The harvest eclipse (9/13) ushers in new health and happiness, leading to collaboration on joint resources (9/27). New partnership (3/8) creates financial growth opportunities (3/23). Collaborate for love. To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the ...

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Horoscope: Daily Forecast 9/1/15

Today’s Birthday (09/01/15). Personal and professional growths abound with lucky Jupiter in your sign. Abandon narrow thinking. Focus on practical needs. Autumn eclipses open doors for health, harmony (9/13) and shared accounts (9/27). Springtime ones illuminate new beginnings in relationships (3/8) and finances (3/23). Raise love. To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 ...

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Spanish, French now available as online degree

Written by Zenobia Harris, Copy Editor VSU students can now earn their Bachelor of Arts degree in French or Spanish online through the University System of Georgia’s eMajor program. The program is supposed to fall in line with Georgia’s “Go Back. Move Ahead” initiative that targets adults with a desire to go back to school and encourages them to enroll ...

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Organization’s team to host powder puff football game

Written by Gabe Burns, Staff Writer Last night, Valdosta State’s Activity Board teamed with the Sigma lota Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega to organize a powder puff football game as a part of the Fall Explosion extravaganza. The game was held on the intramural field by Centennial Hall. It was a defensive battle, ending with the Red Squad defeating the ...

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