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Editorial: Graduation

Graduation at VSU is 37 days away. Graduating seniors have a little over a month left of undergraduate assignments, tests, quizzes and class. Seniors also only have 37 days to get caps, gowns, friends and family members ready for the big day. If anyone has ever been to a graduation ceremony, particularly at a university, he or she knows it’s ...

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Editorial: Stay safe on spring break

Spring Break, you’re out on the shore with your friends and a couple of brews, having fun. Students across the country will be visiting beaches with their friends to celebrate the week. Common spring break activities include a lot of drinking and partying, which is normal for most college students. Chances are you will have a great time, but things ...

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Editorial: Don’t subscribe to the ‘media is dishonest’ mantra

Journalism is not the enemy. Washington Post Editor Marty Baron is one of the premier names in American journalism. Best known as the figurehead of the Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” findings, Baron’s Post has gone head-to-head with President Donald Trump throughout the last two years. Trump calls the media dishonest, an agenda-filled group of reporters who take aim at him and ...

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Editorial: Bring back summer commencements

It’s the last day. Finals are finished. All the boxes are checked off on the graduation checklist. All that’s left is to wait around five months to walk across the stage at commencement. For students finishing their degree in the summer semester, this is a possibility. It’s either wait around five months or walk early, which many students do, but ...

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Editorial: VSU students need to represent unity

The VSU community was disturbed by the choice of an individual to scribble a hateful statement across the stall in a Lowndes Hall bathroom last Friday. Student reactions were mixed, though all seemed to disagree with the statement, some students were less shocked by the discovery than others. The office of the president and SGA both immediately condemned the graffiti, ...

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Editorial: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, or the holiday’s full title, Saint Valentine’s Day, is a time dedicated to lovers. But, why are hearts, flowers and everything romance associated with a Christian saint? The details on Valentine’s Day’s origins are murky, but History.com dates it back to the ancient Romans and the Catholic Church. During the third century in Rome, Emperor Claudius II outlawed ...

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Editorial: Super Bowl Sunday

This Sunday might be one of the most anticipated annual sporting events in the nation, especially for Georgia-natives. Falcon fans and Patriot fans alike will come together to watch the SuperBowl 50, meaning the celebratory drinks will be passed just as many times as the ball. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2015 10,265 people were killed in ...

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Editorial: Adel seeks support from VSU community

Last weekend Georgia was hit by an enormous storm system that produced dozens of tornadoes, leaving destruction in its path. The storm claimed 15 lives in Georgia and left more homeless, according to Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency. Though the storm has passed, the devastation remains. According to The Weather Channel, authorities hope that the current death toll ...

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Editorial: Enjoy Thanksgiving, not sales

Thanksgiving Thursday we sit down with our family, eat a big meal and give thanks for all of the good things in our lives. In the same 24 hours, before the food in our stomachs has even digested, we grab our wallets, speed to the mall and thoughtlessly trample our neighbors to death over a discounted television. Why are discounts ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!