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Editorial: An advocation for diversification

Dear VSU Administration,

You have a representation problem, and the numbers don’t lie.

In a recent study by the University of South California’s Race and Equity Center VSU received an equity report card. In most categories VSU did well but when it came to black student to faculty ratio we received an “F.”

Students and faculty alike offered their opinions on it in our story here.

No amount of promotional videos or social media marketing can change the fact that black students don’t have a fair ratio of black faculty.

Here’s our official position:

The 100:1 ratio almost makes it seem as if the administration doesn’t care. That can’t be the case, though, because the push to increase retention rates has been well documented.

Here’s a thought: Maybe the retention numbers will improve if more black students felt comfortable in classroom settings.

In Dr. Carvajal’s Strategic Plan it states, “VSU will attract, develop, and retain a quality and diverse workforce that promotes student success by forming a more outcomes-oriented training program for managers by spring 2019.”

We’re now less than 60 days away from the start of spring semester, and it’ll be hard to make up the ground and diversify the faculty without making drastic changes.

Do better.

That’s not to say the efforts haven’t been noticed. It’s simply just not enough.

It takes more than simply placing openings on job boards. It requires VSU to reach out and make the candidates for faculty openings feel welcomed here. In other words, make VSU feel like home.

This is South Georgia and its reputation does precede it.

The same way you roll out the red carpet for incoming students should be the same treatment when trying to attract faculty.


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