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Day of reaffirmation

Written by: Tatyana Phelps, Copy Editor After Eric “EJ” Sheppard and others walked on an American flag on Friday as part of a protest, many across the country are now blasting VSU for allowing the protest to happen. In response to this criticism, VSU President William McKinney is postponing his annual State of the University address and calling for a ...

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GoFundMe closes cop’s page

Written by: Zenobia Harris, Asst. Features Writer Michael T. Slager, the South Carolina police officer who was arrested and fired after shooting and killing an unarmed man, has apparently become a cause worth supporting. Go Fund Me, a crowdfunding site that allows people to raise money for various causes, shut down a page that was gathering money in support of Slager. ...

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Cosmo publishes trends, exemplifies racism

Written by: Lia Armistead, Asst. Sports Editor Racism is a topic that is tender to bring up. However, in a recent article that Cosmopolitan published on its online magazine, racism was definitely prevalent. The article discussed recent trends that were either “gorgeous” or “need to die. ” The 21 trends that were considered “gorgeous” had white models showing the trend. However, those ...

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Horoscope: Love Forecast 4/27 – 5/3

What’s in your Love Forecast for this week? Monday, April 27 – Sunday, May 3, 2015 Taurus: April 20 – May 20 You could discover that you and a casual friend have a lot in common. The sun is showing you that you can really find multiple levels of compatibility with someone who is already in your social circle. Don’t ...

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Horoscope: Daily Forecast 4/27/15

Today’s Birthday (04/27/15). Domestic bliss pulls magnetically this year. Pour energy into home projects. A profitable new phase in your work flowers. Balance health and happiness with rigorous attention to budget and schedule. Obstacles dissipate after 6/14. Begin or renew a romance after 10/13. Play together for goodness and beauty. A peaceful escape refreshes after 10/27. Bring love home. To ...

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Daily Strange: Spray on skin coming to you

Written by: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin, Staff Writer Spray on skin is reality. A prototype medical device has turned the science fiction notion of spray-on skin to a reality. This device literally sprays skin cells directly onto burn victims and enables the body to re-grow skin. The traditional methods like skin grafts were far more invasive and took weeks and sometimes months to ...

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Freedom of speech at VSU on FIRE

Written by: Kailee Kivett, Staff Writer VSU is in the red, and not in the money sense. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) categorizes VSU as a Red Light University, which means that VSU has at least one policy that FIRE says clearly and significantly restricts freedom of speech. FIRE’s  grading system for these policies is Red Light ...

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Starbucks heats up race conversation: Franchise tries to get customers to talk about race with baristas

Written by: Kenzie Kesselring, Asst. Opinions Editor   Starbucks declared its’ longing for Americans to “race together,” but not all coffee drinkers seem thrilled about the idea. It’s not that Americans are opposed to talking about race, but many don’t seem to want to at 8am over a tall skinny vanilla latte. The campaign launched by Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz ...

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Horoscope: Daily Forecast 4/26/15

Today’s Birthday (04/26/15). Home and family center you this year. Plant a garden or renovate. Careful planning saves time and money. Save larger action or expense for after 6/14. Disciplined health practices promote balance. Group action for a good cause satisfies. Romance sparks after 10/13. Make time for quiet retrospection after 10/27. Sow your love and it flowers. To get ...

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Students respond to former Blazer’s concert

Written by: Lia Armistead, Asst. Sports Editor Kip Moore, former Blazer golfer, “came home” to the PE Complex on April 11. However, it was not as successful as the athletic department had hoped. The attendance was so low that Kip Moore invited the audience down to the floor, according to sophomore Hannah Peyton. “I don’t think that it was advertised very well,” ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

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