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Shoppers should put purchases in perspective

The holidays are traditionally a time for fellowship, family, vacation . . . and shopping, for oneself and for others. As many have observed, the holidays have become increasingly commercialized, and holiday tradition seems to require gift-giving. Considering the nation’s troublesome economic situation, though, many people are concerned about affording gifts.             However, stores are capitalizing on people’s ...

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Top five unlikely holiday movies

What are the criteria for a holiday film? Should the storyline have a happy ending? Should it make you cry? Or should the only requirement be that as soon as you are done watching, you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Since the holiday season seems to come sooner and sooner every year, by the time Christmas actually arrives most people ...

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Theater preview for spring 2010

The Valdosta State Theatre and Dance area has an extraordinary line- up for the spring semester, including four plays and two fundraisers for surrounding schools. This year the theatre department has already had hits with the plays Almost, Maine, by John Cariani, All My Sons, by Arthur Miller, and Damn Yankees, based on the novel The Year the Yankees Lost ...

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Kristal says her goodbye and it makes the editors cry

Okay Blazers, I’m so very sorry to be saying this, but this is the final ‘Pop Addict’ you will be reading from me. I will be taking that very big step out into the big world after graduation next week. But cheer up, because it will live on through the words of my fellow ‘Tator’ and celebrity fanatic, Crissie Elrick. ...

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Let’s maintain our close-knit family

he topic has been stressed before, in this specific spot, but time has passed and it seems that voice has been lost in the masses. Please do not underestimate the importance of this idea, and please do not overlook this message. To understand this message, ask yourself: What makes Valdosta State so attractive, not only to the current students, but ...

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Recession means new projects at VSU

VSU, once a campus that many considered at the least nice, now reminds me of some less attractive campuses.  Have you seen Fort Valley? One word: Eww. With the exception of my freshman year, most of my time on campus has been a constant annoyance.  It was my year in Converse that brought me the most annoyance with all the ...

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Rant and Rave: December 3, 2009

Rant of the Week The construction has caused many problems on campus. Pathways, sidewalks and walkways are constantly being blocked off. Even though its purpose is to improve the school, it makes it very difficult to get around, especially when someone is rushing to class or to their dorm room. Students have to take detours and it is very upsetting ...

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People Poll: How would you evaluate your students this semester?

Anne Bowen Spanish Professor “I would give the student body a B based on [that] overall the students here are great kids, but they have room for improvement.” John Dunn History Professor “I would say better than passing, because students are more into history. They do their work and they get more into it. I was 19 once too, but ...

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This is a big thank you for nothing

I imagine that some of you may have been surprised to find that Tiger Woods was not the only one getting busted up over the break. While the rest of the student body was preparing to stuff their mouths with turkey, attendants at a Sigma Nu party were chewing on fists and broken teeth. But not to worry Blazers, there ...

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Random construction explained

As the winter break approaches, two major infrastructure projects have already begun, with a replacement of the main water and steam piping. Currently, the replacement of the water piping has been concentrated between Odum Library and Nevins Hall, causing a disruption in pedestrian traffic by blocking off main walkways.             However, this project is necessary, as some areas ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!